Monday 26 February 2018

5 Underrated Sci-Fi's You Can Stream Right Now

How many times have you been flicking through Netflix, aimlessly trying to find a movie that ticks all the boxes? And every time, you finish your popcorn before deciding on a movie and then just end up watching another episode of Friends? I'm here to fill you in on 5 Sci-Fi's that I reckon don't get the love they deserve and you can watch right now. 

1. Looper - Netflix UK and Amazon Prime

Let's start with me being biased, by admitting that Looper is my favourite stand alone original sci-fi movie ever. It's unique in that it manages to take one of sci-fi's most overused and confusing tropes (time travel), and use's it in a way we haven't seen before - What if the mob were the only ones with time travel technology in the future? Obviously they'd use it to make you "sleep with the fishes", or in this case, send you back 30 years where you'd be met by a Looper; a hitman who's hired by the mob to shotgun you in the chest the second you pop up in the past, meaning you wouldn't even exist. I guess that's one way of making a snitch disappear. This flick also features a knock out performance by Joeseph Gordon Levit, who plays a young Bruce Willis to a T. The producers even went to the extent of using prosthetics to make him look like Willis, it's pretty out there.

You can argue that this film isn't underrated, but in my experience, it's most definitely under appreciated.

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levit, Bruce Willis, Jeffery Daniels, Emily Blunt and Paul Dano
Director: Rian Johnson
Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

2. Strange Days - Now TV

Who doesn't love a dystopian, LA crime, Sci-Fi thriller (what a genre). This is Kathyrn Bigelows most underrated outing as a director and has been criminally overlooked as a piece of sci-fi for 20 years. Former LA cop, Lenny Nero has ditched his badge for the lucrative and illegal trade of virtual reality porn. The VR-Porn is obtained by recording the real life experiences of others, allowing the user to see and feel everything that person did. So this isn't some gimmicky video game stuff, it's fully immersive in every way. Nero happens upon a VR recording of a violent and disturbing death, leading into a vast conspiracy of police brutality in mid-90's LA. The movies real achievement is the characterisation of Mace (Angela Basset), a professional bodyguard and old friend of Nero's. She's fierce, strong and kick-ass. And in my opinion, she's the hidden-heroin of 90's cinema.

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Angela Basset, Juliet Lewis and Tom Sizemore
Director: Katherine Bigelow
Rotten Tomatoes: 62% 

3. Gattaca - Now TV

In the mid-90's, the world was being told that disease and genetic disorders would be a thing of the past. This was due to the hysteria around the Human Genome Project. In Andrew Niccols story, natural conception is frowned upon, instead, would-be parents visit an IVF clinic to choose their babies personality traits, physical abilities and appearance. This method is only open to the rich, so the world is split into two societal groups - Valids and Non-Valids.
As a genetically inferior "non-valid", Vincent Freeman dreams of going to space, but such a job can only be fulfilled by a Valid. To ensure his place in space, he assumes the identity of an injured Valid and enters the Gattaca space programme.
The premise of this movie alone is enough to keep you watching, but it's the grounded future-world written and directed by Niccols that really keeps you gripped. You follow Vincent's every step and feel his constant anxiety of being found out.

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman
Director: Andrew Niccol
Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

4. Moon - Now TV

Lets begin by saying how Sam Rockwell is one of THE most overlooked and underrated actors of his generation - and Moon proves this point. It's hard to really talk about Moon in all it's eerie glory without spoiling it. So I'll keep it light. Sam Bell is the sole engineer serving a 3 year stint on the lunar base and his service is due to end. As his time to leave gets closer, he begins to become suspiciously sick and to add to this, a new crew member appears unexpectedly. Taking inspiration from Kubrick's human/A.I relationship, Moon is a slow burning and tense, existential Sci-Fi with revelations to-boot.

Starring: Sam Rockwell
Director: Duncan Jones
Rotten Tomatoes: 89%

5. They Live - Amazon Prime

A sign of any great sci-fi is if you can watch a generation later and it still has something to say about the time you live in. They Live is a John Carpenter movie that often gets overlooked when discussing his best works (top 5 at least). The premise is simple, a homeless, working man stumbles upon a box of sunglasses that when worn, reveals the world around us to be an illusion which is run by a ruling alien class. The films sub-context is hidden in plain view and this is what makes it such a fun watch. The dialogue is purposely cheesy and the acting ability of pro-wrestler, Roddy Piper compliments the b-movie vibe that makes this such an enjoyable Sci-Fi action flick.


Starring: Roddy Piper, Keith David
Director: John Carpenter
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%

What have I missed, that's underrated and on a streaming service right now? I'd love to know!

Dan x

Saturday 9 December 2017

Christmas Gifts for Movie & TV Geeks

It's that time of year again, and we all have that one annoying person to buy for. I'm here to give you some ideas for how to shop for the TV and Movie nerd in your life. Us "geeks" have specific tastes, but the one thing you'll know for sure , is what their favourite movie or TV show is. So this guide should help full-proof your gifting choice.

Stranger Things - Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle  - £29.99

Firebox is my go to place for buying fun presents. Especially ones for people into pop-culture. With the popularity of Stranger Things, you can guarantee plenty of people will have one of those Topshop tee's, but this is a little more . . . bitchin'.   

Sunday 14 May 2017

City Guide: Edinburgh

I feel like Londoners are spoilt; we live in a city so big, so diverse and so full of culture that we often feel like we have a monopoly on city-living in comparison to the rest of the UK. When we plan to visit other cities, we often seek the capitals of other countries in mainland Europe, or further afield. What I fail to remember (and arrogantly so) is that our tiny island is packed with cities that offer just as much in terms of character and culture as London. So this being said, me and Daisy decided we needed a few days to relax and the cobbled streets of Edinburgh were calling.

We found such a nice, clean and simply styled flat on AirBnb to call home for three nights. The best thing about getting a place on AirBnb is having the space and freedom to relax without the restrictions of hotel living. The flat was about 20 minute walk from center, which might have put us off, if the walk in wasn't so damn lovely.


Friday 30 December 2016


Man, this was not an easy list to put together. It's changed at least three times whilst writing it. But here it is, the top 10 flicks I saw in cinemas in 2016. 


Monday 28 November 2016

Christmas Gifts for Geeks

There's no escaping the "geek culture" these days. The popularity of TV, movies and comics is at an all time high and the term "geek" is no longer a dirty word. I firmly believe that everyone is a little bit geeky about something and we should celebrate their fandom. So here's a list of awesome things that I think will make ace gifts for the geek in your life.

Invada & Waxwork Vinyl Soundtracks

Invada and Waxwork have such an awesome range of TV and movie soundtracks. Below are just a few examples of what you can expect from these guys. 

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Pergola on The Roof

That's it everyone. Bury your shorts in your wardrobe, put the sun cream away and pull your socks up, summer is over . . . sort of. We seem to be getting these cheeky little spells of sun that peak our British optimism about the weather. When I was kindly asked to come snap some pics of Pergola on The Roof, I couldn't help but feel there was enough sun left to squeeze out one last summer street-food feast. Perched on top of the old BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush, there's a hidden gem where a few of London's finest eateries have taken up residency. The four in question are Patty & Bun, Salt Yard, Rabbit and the Rum kitchen. All of which were cooking over fire (the best way to cook anything IMO)

It's been such a busy year so far, and along with the rise in temperature that summer bought us, it also bought me a rise in work. So I thought it necessary to catch an "end-of-summer" vibe by catching up with some pals (inc. Mike of The Bearded Bakery) over good eats. The early sunset and slight chill that hit at around 7pm gave me that exact vibe I was looking for.

Although I consider myself a typical millennial foodie, I am in no way a food writer. I can't really explain taste on paper without using loads of expletives, like "fuck that's delicious" - so  I hope these pictures do the evening and the food justice. If you're looking for that last day of summer, I'd advice booking a table here asap, as winter is coming - 

Pergola on the roof

Sunday 14 August 2016

Photo Diary: DUBROVNIK

It's a been far too long guys, I haven't written a blog post for a few months so I thought I'd knock up a simple one seeing as it's Sunday and I'm lazy AF.

In April, me and Daisy spent a week surrounded by crystal clear waters and soaking up the Adriatic sun. It was a welcome break from the madness that's London when you're in your (late) twenties. Don't get me wrong I love the city (clue is in the blog-name) but it's good for the soul to get some silence and sun. And god knows you ain't getting much of either in south London. 

This is less of a guide and more of a photo diary, so I hope you enjoy leisurely scrolling through the pics and are filled with enough wonderlust to book a flight. Oh, and this is where they film a lot of Game of Thrones, so feel free to geek out a little. I did.

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